Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Renovations

After the Honeymoon and settling into the house, Daniel and I immediately started to change it! We dearly love our home, but we knew that updating it inside and out was crucial! (Besides, I'm married to a project guy, remodeling is a must!)
We started with our own bedroom:
There was a shocking lack of color or character in the bedroom...I guess that's how they built these homes in the early 80's. Anyway...that just would not do for our room. We put up a very nice, soothing light stone blue on the walls and bright white on every touch of wood that trimmed the room. Daniel even painted the inside of the doors in our room. Here's a shot of Daniel after scraping the popcorn off our bathroom ceiling and mudding it to make it smooth.After the blue we decided to get bold and put up a sigle wall of dark slate blue behind the bed and also use that same color in the bathroom alcove open to the room. Finally, to get that BANG we wanted (I say we, but in the beginning it was all Daniel's idea. Now I love it.) we painted the wall behind our mirror a bright fuschia. It really is quite a good way! Now I simply love our is the one place in the house devoid of any "yellow tint" when you look at it. It is cool, relaxing and soothing...yet with enough boldness to not be boring. :)
Then, thanks to the great "Ice Storm of 2007" our beautiful front yard tree began to crack down the center of the trunk. With all the storms that passed through Tulsa earlier this year, that crack began to grow rapidly. Sadly, this Summer, we had to take it out. Though Daniel didn't mind getting to use Dorian's new Stihl. And, contrary to what is seen, I was a huge help by pulling the branches that Daniel cut with a rope so that they wouldn't take out the neighbors tree or our own house.
Sadly enough, the tree did come down, but that made it imperative for us to quickly move onto the next phase of Home Renovations...
Our current project, partly finished, is the entire transformation of our home's look. How is this achieved you may ask? Simple...paint. A LOT of paint. Oh...and the crucial key factor...GET RID OF THE HIDEOUS BRICK! Once again...paint. The horrible thing about painting a home is all the prep-work. We spent over a day just prepping for what was painted in about two hours. In our first weekend we chose to paint the front of the house, which included the portions on the roof. Here I am scraping a small section of the house, which took me hours and hours to successfully scrape. Then Daniel scared the neighbors by spraying on a bright white primer. It was bright white for a day, but I know the whole neighborhood was worried in that time. :) Here's Daniel on the roof taking care of the siding up there. Luckily, our neighbors didn't have to worry too long. After a process that began Friday afternoon, the whole front of the home was painted by Sunday evening. The weekend after this picture we primed and painted the north side of the house. As I write this blog I realize that it is Friday again so this weekend we will be attempting to prep and paint the rest of the house (back and south side). When we finish the base painting we will be having our roof replaced, thank you hail storm and insurance company for getting that taken care of for us. :) Then it'll be trim and's going to look so nice. Anyway, just wanted to share where our Home Renovations have brought us so far! :)

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