Friday, June 20, 2008

Newly Wed Fun!

On October 20th Daniel and I arrived home, to OUR home! We had quite the welcome home with wedding gifts filling the entire living room, and a few hiding in places around the house. After opening all the amazing gifts we were blessed with, we started to set up house! Daddy surprised us both by purchasing our cookware for us!!! Which, consequently, has already been put to the test quite a bit with our "cooking at home" habits.

To the amazement of many, I have actually learned to cook quite a
bit from all my time of living by myself in Costa Rica and Argentina.
In the beginning it took a while for people to realize this truth, but yes, I too have stepped into the role of being a "house wife" and love to cook, bake, and scan each Kraft magazine for new recipes to add to our dinner reportoire. I am blessed that Daniel is a great cook as well!! For a while, he was making homemade bread for us each week...then he remembered how much he likes sticky buns, and that was the only bread he made after that! :)
(Actually, I usually made them for him!!!) Having our own home and experimenting with new foods all the time is a blast.
We have definitely grown into the habit of eating at home instead of eating out.

The best thing about finally being married is sharing those little moments of joy, peace, and relaxation. Many evenings Daniel pulls out his banjo and slows things down with a few moments of music and rest.

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