Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wedding Bells are Ringing...

Well, it is time that I began a new blog to document this new, exciting time in our lives...the lives of the Parkers. More specifically, Mr. Daniel Parker and Mrs. Jennifer Parker!!!! Wow, that sounds great!On October 13, 2007 Daniel and I became husband and wife. And it was about time! As most of you know, Daniel and I dated for 13 months from separate continents...and only a phone line to bring us together. Even with all those miles between us, God wove our hearts together and built between us a friendship that is deeper than I ever knew possible. Hence, our wedding day was like a dream come true...the day when we finally joined our lives as one.

Our reception was outside at a local park, with the sun setting in the background and candle light creating the most romantic atmosphere. Mom made the cake, of course, and it was spectacularly gorgeous!!!!

The evening was full of music, dancing, and plenty of fun!
We are so grateful for our amazing family and friends who shared in this eventful occasion with us. And for those who were with us in spirit, you were not forgotten!

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