Thursday, June 19, 2008

Honeymoon Snapshots

For our Honeymoon, Daniel and I flew down to a fantastic all-inclusive Sandals resort on the island of Antigua in the Bahamas. It was absolutely incredible with beautiful weather every single day! I admit it, we layed out on the beach all week long! It was fantastic and so restful!!! Here is a view of the resort from out in the ocean. If you're wondering how we were able to take this fantastic shot of the resort, here's how: Daniel and I loved to take out the Hobycat sailboats...and I let Daniel steer most of the time. When I tried, it was rather comical. :) Daniel became proficient at it and even attempted to bring one side of the raft up off the water...which I wasn't such a fan of. However, it was a great way to enjoy the ocean and get a better look at the island we were staying on.And here's a shot of the cabin we stayed the view from the ocean we stayed on the left side of the resort, which was full of little cabanas and private pools, with lush plants and flowers everywhere we looked.Part of the beauty of staying at an all-inclusive resort is that all the restaurants are included!!! We were able to dress up and eat out at different restaurants each evening. Our favorite place to eat, by far, was the small sushi bar below the Hibachi restaurant. We told the chef that we like sushi and just to be creative...and boy did we get some AMAZING SUSHI!!! It was the best I've probably ever had!Of course, we didn't stay on the resort every day! One day we went into the island of Antigua and had lunch at a local restaurant there...with a lobster big enough for both of us!!! And here's one for Grandpa!! While at the resort I was able to find a couple "tickets" that I just had to get a picture with! :) Just because one is out of their country doesn't mean that old habits pass out of mind. :)
It was a dream-like Honeymoon. Daniel and I enjoyed the opportunity to get to rest, just be together, soak up the sun, and begin sharing the rest of our lives together.

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